Types of Firewood for Pickup or Delivery

Alligator Juniper 

 From our Arizona high country, Juniper is perfect for the fireplace and outdoor fire-pit with a great cedar-like aroma, even when not burning.  Provides wonderful ambiance with just the right amount of snap, crackle, and pop. Burns long and hot with little smoke and ash clean-up.  Our most requested  wood by those out at the dunes, backyard pits and resorts.

Oak Hardwood

Known for it’s long, slow burning traits, oak is considered the premium firewood for firepits and cooking grills and ovens.  Provides a great bed of  coals, less smoke and little clean-up.


A very hard wood, that will burn hot with little smoke and ash.  Perfect for pizza ovens and grills with a nice hot flame.  Has been compared to Pecan and Oak with its burning qualities. It is also excellent firewood for your indoor fireplace or outside firepit.

Shaggy Juniper

Same burning qualities as Alligator Juniper, just burns a bit slower and hotter.  Quick to light with it’s “hairy” shag like bark, great cedar-like aroma, little smoke and ash.  Perfect for those bonfires and backyard firepits with perfect ambiance and that like crackle and pop character.  One of our more popular residential choices.


Known for its great grilling and smoking characteristics adding a distinct aroma and taste.  This hardwood burns slow and a bit smoky, making it best suited for cooking aspects rather than fireplace uses, very popular  with those particular grilling steak houses.


Your premium wood choice for all your firewood needs.  Perfect for cooking, bbq grills, smoking and fireplaces due to high heat and little smoke characteristics. Pecan has a nice aroma and adds great taste and flavor to whatever you plan on grilling.  Pecan is our number one choice for quality chefs and backyard pros satisfying all your cooking needs.


Abundantly found in most of the Southwest US high country, this firewood is perfect for your fireplace, firepits, bonfires, and chiminea pots.  Has a great “Christmas” aroma and burns like a hardwood, slow and hot.  Also known for repelling mosquitoes and other flying insects.

****Some wood is seasonal and may have limited availability****

FULL Stack   4′ x 16′ x 16″-18″ 
1/2 Stack  4′ x 8′ x 16″-18″ 
1/4 Stack  4′ x 4′ x 16″-18 

Most log splits are 16″-18″ in length, but  can vary

We will charge to stack based on distance.

  • We also sell Wood Racks

    1/8 2×4 rack $195 + tax
    1/4  4×4 rack $240 + tax
    1/2 4×8 rack $325 + tax