Wood Farmer is your one-stop-shop for premium quality well-seasoned, aromatic and slow-burning firewood.  We offer residential firewood for heating, cooking and ambiance.  There a several quantities available based on your specific needs: 1.2 cuft bags, 1/4 stack, 1/2 stack and full stack. We also have various size cuts depending on your use:  chunks, kindling, pizza thin splits, regular splits and fire-pit splits.  Please specify when ordering.

Our delivery service is impeccable and very professional.  We offer “driveway” dumps or stacking options within 20′ at no extra charge.  There will be a small fee for over 20′ or for more difficult deliveries.

We also supply speciality firewood for chiminea pots and cooking woods for your ovens, smokers and grills.  Choose from apple, oak, pecan, olive, mesquite and hickory.  These cooking woods provide great flavor and aroma to anything you are cooking and are available in bags or some species in splits.

Perfect valley firewood choices for your indoor or outdoor fireplaces and fire-pits are Juniper and Pinon.  Each have a special and unique quality that will ultimately make one as your favorite. These aromatic woods smell great, burn clean, burn hot and are relatively easy to light.

Alligator Juniper: gets its name from the unique checkerboard alligator skin bark and touts a wonderfully cedar-like fragrance burning or not! Juniper is from Arizona’s high country and makes excellent firewood because of the relatively high heat value and the pleasant aroma. 

Shaggy Juniper: named from it’s “hairy” shaggy bark, making it easy to light and burn. Shaggy Juniper burns slower and longer than the Alligator Juniper, but creates a little more mess from the shag.  This Juniper is very aromatic and can add a little extra pop and crackle when burning. Burns much like better and more expensive hardwoods making it very desirable.

Pinon: one of our customer favorites due to it’s cedar-like aroma, excellent heat output, slow burning, minimal ash and clean-up qualities.  It is also a natural mosquito and bug repellent.  Pinon has that unique “Christmas Pine” aroma and burns similar to your more expensive hardwoods.


We will charge to stack based on distance.

  • We also sell Wood Racks

    1/8 2×4 rack $195 + tax
    1/4  4×4 rack $240 + tax
    1/2 4×8 rack $325 + tax