Prices for Local Firewood Pickup

Local Pick Up available from our Yard in Apache Junction near Ironwood and Guadalupe 6 days a week.
Mon - Sat: 6am - 4pm

Use this order form for local Arizona firewood delivery and have your firewood delivered by us to your home or business.

We accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards and most of the popular forms of online payments.


Mixed Hardwood$85$160$325$575
Shaggy Juniper *Out of Stock$120$200$400$690
Alligator Juniper$120$200$400$690
Pinion $120$200$400$725

*Prices subject to change

Bagged Woods & Cooking Wood Chunks

*Prices below are for pickup from our yard

Mixed Hardwood, Almond, Cherry Chunks, Pizza Cut/Split, Hickory Chunks, Pecan Chunks, Mesquite Chunks, Oak Chunks






Bagged Juniper Logs




Don’t forget to pick up or order some of our fire starters!
They are very easy to light, require no paper or kindling, just light the rough end, stack a few splits over the flame and watch it work.   $15 each – 12 to a package.

We also sell Wood Racks

Keep your firewood neat, clean, dry and off the ground

1/8 2×4 rack $195 + tax
1/4  4×4 rack $240 + tax
1/2 4×8 rack $325 + tax

We will charge to stack based on distance.

  • We also sell Wood Racks

    1/8 2×4 rack $195 + tax
    1/4  4×4 rack $240 + tax
    1/2 4×8 rack $325 + tax