Pizza Oven Wood

Double split, sometimes triple split, to achieve that perfect 2″ to 3″ thick diameter and approximately 16″-20″ length.  We only use Oak, Olive and Pecan due to their mild smoke, hot coals and long lasting burn.  These woods provide perfect heat and flavor to whatever you may choose to cook.

Check out for their great selection and quality.  We have several ovens on site and for sale in our retail yard. 

These are hand-crafted by local artisans and shipped directly to Arizona, we carry some of the most popular ovens for your convenience.  Each oven we sell comes with that perfectly split pizza oven firewood.

We will charge to stack based on distance.

  • We also sell Wood Racks

    1/8 2×4 rack $195 + tax
    1/4  4×4 rack $240 + tax
    1/2 4×8 rack $325 + tax