Firewood Delivery for Your Business

Cooking with a select wood provides unmatched increased flavor and aroma. Get the finest aged, split and cured wood for all your cooking delights.  We cater to the most distinguished chefs and establishments in the valley. Serving world renown pizzerias, top notch restaurants, popular BBQs and established grills.  In addition to these fabulous chefs, local resorts and patios’ love our Juniper firewood be that added ambiance and aroma.

Firewood and cooking wood is our specialty and available in various quantities and split sizes.  Custom dialed for your specific needs and amount.  We have truckloads, Full Stacks, Half Stacks and bags ready for delivery.   We are your one-stop shop for commercial applications.

Looking to provide bags for your customers, just call, we can supply bagged firewood in that perfect size for those distinguished customers.  Campgrounds, gas stations, specialty stores, and convenience stores, no problem.

Feel free to call or e-mail us for details on quotes for all your special commercial needs from bulk to bags.

We will charge to stack based on distance.

  • We also sell Wood Racks

    1/8 2×4 rack $195 + tax
    1/4  4×4 rack $240 + tax
    1/2 4×8 rack $325 + tax